Big Projects

Each class will so have an outside learning area! The EYFS outside learning area will be the largest of all and will require a range of equipment and resources to ensure it supports the learning and development of our youngest learners.

Estimated cost: £40,000

We will have two dedicated sensory rooms in the new build and plan for these to be equipped with a range of specialist sensory apparatus, to ensure engaging and appropriate support for the full range of our pupils.

Estimated cost: £40,000 each

We will also have a dedicated soft-play room at the new build which will allow the pupils with more complex physical needs to spend time out of their chairs in a fun and safe environment – enjoying activities alongside their peers.

Estimated cost: £40,000

We are extremely excited to have a dedicated rebound therapy room at the new build. So many of our pupils with hypertonia (as well as other learners) will benefit from regular access to this integral intervention to support muscle development and their personal comfort.

Estimated cost: £40,000

For the first time, Marjorie McClure is going to have a fully accessible, dedicated library! We are very excited. We need to raise money for inclusive book shelves and seating.

Estimated cost: £20,000

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