Medium Projects

One of our FE classrooms will have an extended learning area – dedicated to life skills. We would like to have this set up more like a home than a classroom so that the pupils can practice key skills such as; making the bed, setting the table, laundry and ironing.

Estimated cost: £2,000

We would like to develop our music curriculum offer and encourage our pupils to express themselves while developing their musical skills. In order to achieve this, we would like to invest in some wheelchair-accessible outside musical instruments for our new courtyard areas.

Estimated cost: £300 – £2000

In order to maximise the use of our vast green space, we would love access to exterior classrooms such as this one, so that pupils have the opportunity to access the pond and forest school areas (or just be able to enjoy a story outside come rain or shine).  

Estimated cost:  £2,000 each

We plan to create an inclusive and sensory-rich outside environment for our learners,. This will include wall panels, ground surfaces, tunnels and a sensory garden.

Estimated cost: £10,000

There is some amazing technology that will support our young people in creating and recording their own musical masterpieces, without the physical barriers that have previously prevented this. We would like to kit our new music room out with Sound Beam equipment, to ensure it is totally inclusive and adapted to the needs of our pupils.

Estimated cost: £5,000

We are so excited that we will be able to have an animal care area within one of the new build courtyards. We can see the impact that the current therapy dog visits have on our pupils, so we know this will be such an important and well loved area of the school.

Estimated cost: £5,000

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