Who We Are

Marjorie McClure is a special school that serves pupils with complex needs aged 4-19.

Our pupils have a range of complex physical, medical and learning needs which creates an amazing kaleidoscope of strengths and inclusivity across the school.

We are currently based in a small school building that does not fully meet the needs of our pupils or team – because of this, we are being moved to a new-build site in January 2023. This will really help us to provide the very best for our pupils.

The facilities that our new site will provide, will enable us to deliver the vast range of therapies and interventions that our students need.

Our tremendous staff team work tirelessly to support the students at Marjorie McClure. Many of our children arrive at school with fundamental difficulties such as communication and mobility. We target and develop key skills like these to ensure our children reach their full potential.

We always aim to provide a broad range of life experiences for our pupils – we are so excited about the opportunities our new build school will bring. We currently have a very small outside area for our students to spend time outdoors – two small hard-surfaced playgrounds.

At our new site we will have extensive outside space that not only includes individual outside spaces for each classroom and two large courtyards, but also a large playground and an area with inclusive playground equipment. We will have a forest school, and an outside classroom with a pond. We will also have a beautiful wild flower meadow, a large football pitch and an external MUGA.

All of these amazing facilities will be accessible to all of our students including wheelchair users.

As an all-through school, we are have the opportunity to see them grow and develop their independence as they move through different phases of the school. The facilities we are fundraising for, will support our young people in reaching their full potential now and in the future.

Our new building will have a range of specialist rooms including; an art studio, science lab, food tech room, computer suite, music room and a specialist life-skills area.

At Marjorie McClure, we focus on physical development and endeavor to provide our pupils with every opportunity to enjoy practical activities and develop skills linked to a variety of sports. At our current site this can be challenging, as space is so limited.

At our new site, we will have a range facilities within our physical development suite including rooms dedicated to; soft play, rebound therapy and physio intervention. We will also have two separate sensory rooms, a hydrotherapy pool and a large sports hall (as well as the extensive range of external sports facilities such as the MUGA).

We love to have fun and to perform at Marjorie McClure and we should be able to do a lot more of this in our new school – as we will have a new music suite with a dedicated practice room, as well as an accessible stage within one of our courtyards and a range of outside musical instruments.

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